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The Continueing Story of The Beat-Alls

I got the idea from my best friend Sabrina's site, God Bless The Beatles, and thought I'd expand on it a lil. So, this isn't completely my genius work. :)

Baby Face Macca

Paul glanced up from his paper on the table. His two mates, George and John were teasing each other again, and Ringo was...Paul blinked a moment and tilted his head to the side. John and George, too busy doing what they were doing, didn't even notice Ringo. Paul sighed and set the penicl down and leaned back in his chair. After all, he was their leader...their boss...their king...God...whatever you wanted to call him.
"Rings...whut you doin' hangin' upside down from the rafters?" Paul asked.
"I'm tired." Ringo replyed, eyes closed and trying to concentrate.
Paul turned his attention to John and George. "For God's sake men, hush down! You're acttin' like children 'an I know you're behind it Lennon."
"ME?!" John said turning to Paul angrily. "How come I'm allus first to blame?"
"Cause George is the youngest. Now be good!" Paul ordered.
George grinned and stuck his tounge out at John, who looked like he was about to strike George across the face. "STOP! I mean it! I can't think with you two at it all the time!"
"With all respect...Johnny did start it." George said innocently, with an expression to match.
"Why you Scalawagin' liar!" John said narrowing his eyes.
"Snark, snark, snark!" George said spitting at John.
Paul felt a throbbing headahce come on as the two continued to argue."Why me? Why?" He asked gazing up at the ceiling.
"'Ey...could ya two keep it down? I'm tryin' to sleep." Ringo said quietly.
George and John looked up at Ringo, blinked, and hushed up. Paul looked at Ringo amazed, and felt envy at his control over the two. It's not fair, Paul thought. I'm the leader 'ere 'an they only listen to Ringo. Paul sighed again and picked up his glass of beer. The sunlight splashed through glass and shined off his hair, giving him the innocent angelic look he was most famous for.

To be continued...

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